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Anthony Borchardt

Please excuse the mess under construction,, and I'm slow

Thank you for visiting my web site. My name is Anthony Borchardt. I have been working with clay for twenty five years now. Originally I was born in St.Louis Mo and moved back here for the end of high school, then onto Fontbonne University in Clayton Mo.

I went to Fontbonne after visiting many other art schools but eventually decided on Fontbonne because of its great studios, friendly teachers and small classrooms. When I started at Fontbonne I showed up with an emphasis in drawing. It didnt take til my second semester til I was fully involved in ceramics.

Today I create a functional art form. I enjoy the use of ceramics with fine food, teas, bourbon and anything thing else you can think of. The aspect of functionality has always been a focus of my work. The appearance and different possibilities that exist in clay are endless and I am continually stretching the limits of this great medium.