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Anthony Borchardt

Welcome again to my website I appreciate everyone's support and interest in my work. For those of you who don't know a lot about me here is a little information.  I was born in Saint Louis MO and have moved a few times during my childhood landing back in St.Louis in 1995. I began creating ceramics in high school in Chicago.  I achieved a scholarship for my drawing during my senior year of high school to attend Fontbonne University in Clayton Mo. My focus at that point was on two dimensional art including charcoals and pastels. After my first semester at Fontbonne University I became fully devoted to ceramics. I was admired with the abilities of working in a three dimensional medium. At the beginning of the upcoming summer I was hired at Silver Dollar City in Branson Mo.  I swayed the "Master Potter" to hire me for cheap because I threw a big vase during my interview.  We both learned the following week that I wasn't good at making one pound coffee cups on the wheel.  After several weeks of daily working on the wheel and constant harassment from my boss (who is a huge inspiration of my work and work ethic) my skills began to improve. As a production potter in their studio I would demonstrate on stage for hours a day and eventually create a large amount of work through out the summer. I returned to school at summers end and returned to Silver Dollar City at summers beginning for the next four years. After Graduating in 2002 with a Masters in Fine Arts I began teaching at local schools universities and community facilities. As of now I am the Ceramics instructor at Jefferson College in Hillsboro Mo.

In my creations I try to achieve a whimsical style that questions the use of my work as a functional item.  A lot of my inspiration comes from the art of fine cooking and food presentations.  I picture my work never sitting behind closed cabinets, it is made to be used or at least viewed as it can be. 

My work is a high fired  stoneware reaching temperatures over 2300 degrees or what is considered to be cone ten. I continue to push myself and my creativity to create a strong body of work expanding styles, product and colors.